Sunday, November 22, 2009

go eagles...

Diana ordered this cake for a tailgating birthday party. I first made a cake like this back during the summer for Toby's birthday. I changed the basic color from crimson to navy and voila...a cute design perfect for cheering on the Georgia Southern Eagles!


This cake takes the record for my favorite cake of all time! Candice sent the idea over for her twin daughter's second birthday party. The cake itself was only a 6" cake because it was going to be the topper for a cupcake tree. I made the pigs and ducks out of fondant. I can't wait to see the pictures from the party...I hope Molly and Jency approved


fenway park...

You may remember that I've mentioned before that Jake was one of my all time favorite students. can't get much better than that kid! Jake recently had a birthday and his mom surprised him with a cake of Fenway park. The Red Sox are his favorite baseball team and after doing a little research, I learned that Fenway Park is one of the most famous and recognizable parks in the country.
I didn't come close to doing the park justice with this cake, but I tried to include the most important aspect...the "Green Monster". I hope Jake and the boys enjoyed was definitely a "learning experience" for me!

under da sea...

This bright and fun cake was ordered for a Little Mermaid birthday party. My own kids have recently discovered the movie and it's one that I don't mind watching over and over again. What's not to love? I didn't get any pictures of the cake topper, but it was the beautiful Ariel herself. I have to say "thank you" again to my mama for helping me...she was personally responsible for all of the bubbles!

fall cupcakes...

Sometimes I feel like cupcakes are the forgotten dessert. (Aside from kids' birthday parties.) My cake orders definitely outweigh my cupcake orders. Personally, I LOVE cupcakes. They are super easy to serve, you can get the same cake taste and you don't have to sacrifice cuteness. I did these adorable cupcakes for Stacy and Mike's wedding shower. The combination of coconut, carrot, and chocolate offered something for everyone. Personally, the coconut were my favorite!

super scary sweet sixteen...

Bri had her sixteenth birthday party on Halloween. I believe the official theme was "zombie prom". Sounds like fun! I absolutely love the funky colors and the mixture of the zebra and argyle prints.

Hunting Cake

A customer ordered this cake for her husband's birthday. Collin was sad to see it leave...he's decided he wants a hunting cake for his birthday....we'll see about that! (I only have a few more years of cute kid themed cakes and I intend to put my foot down!)