Saturday, May 1, 2010

yummy, yummy, yummy!

After a busy few days of baking and filling orders, I decided to make something for us to enjoy (something I NEVER do). Since the Earnests were here for a visit, I knew that it had to be something really special. Earlier in the week, I made some pink lemonade cupcakes. They were a little....sour...ok, REALLY SOUR! I adjusted the recipe a little and the outcome was divine! These yummy cupcakes have a cream cheese frosting...delicious! We began the day with 24 cupcakes...We're down to 14 now...I won't tell you who put the biggest dent in the supply! :)
I had a little help in the kitchen favorite kind of help!

happy birthday holton...

fire truck

Walker is 3 and his mommy ordered this cake for his fire truck birthday party.

minnie mouse

Lacey ordered this adorable cake for her niece. My own sweet Emie LOVED fact, she got a little upset when I told her that it wasn't for her "party".