Sunday, September 20, 2009

copy cake...

There are lots of inspirations for my cakes. Sometimes, a customer knows exactly what he/she wants and I do my best to help them. Other times, I'll get ideas from pictures I've seen in books, magazines, online, etc. This weekend, I was asked to make a cake for three kids who were celebrating their birthdays with one party. There were two birthday girls and one birthday boy. The challenge was to make something that was not girly and not too boyish. Several ideas came to mind and I tried a couple things that just didn't work out. Then, I remembered seeing a cake made by an amazing cake artist named Carrie.
Carrie owns Two Cakes...a part of Savannah Wedding Studio. To say that she is amazing is an understatement! Seriously, this lady never ceases to amaze me!
I won't even begin to compare my cake to hers..(I'm purposefully not posting a picture of it here so that you can't compare them side by side! If you're interested, look on her website.) She had a fun color scheme and a simple, but cute combination of stripes and dots. I thought that something similar would be perfect for the party so I did my best to imitate it. Thanks, Carrie for being such an inspiration!

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  1. This is so great! Was it Henry's shower cake that gave you inspiration? I am so proud of you!!! I want a mickey cake tuesday!