Friday, July 17, 2009

roll tide?

So this GA fan was recently asked to make an Alabama groom's cake.  As hard as it was, I think I pulled it off.  The groom (Chris) pretty much gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted to with the design.  Chris graduated from the University of Alabama and loves Alabama football.  When I think of Alabama football, I think of  Bear Bryant (and his famous houndstooth hat).

It's always a good thing when I have a while to think about the design and execution of a cake.  I can also practice different techniques before I have to put the cake together.  So, one Sunday afternoon, I whipped up a batch of black icing and tried to practice piping a houndstooth design.  Wow!  It was really hard and it didn't look like I wanted it to.  But, since I had time to spare, I was able to come up with a different solution.

I did a little research and found a great product...printed, edible paper.  I know this stuff has been around for a while, but the quality and designs have come a long way!  I found an adorable houndstooth print and instantly knew what I wanted to to!  

Chris also likes to play golf so I was able to incorporate the two interests into one great looking cake!  I substituted the golf balls you see in this picture for a set of Alabama golf balls which tied everything together.  

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