Monday, July 27, 2009

run cake girl, run...

With the new school year approaching, I've been a very busy girl! In an effort to make my day a little easier and to appease Hayley who is utterly tired of seeing "Happy Easter" every time she checks my personal blog, :) I have decided to combine my personal blog with my emie cakes blog. I hope you don't mind...

Today's post has absolutely nothing to do with cakes. (Unless you count the fact that yesterday I baked and ate a substantial amount of butternut cake, which requires me to spend a lot of time on the treadmill.)

A while back, two very special ladies (aka "divas") began a program called Couch to 5K. I'd heard about the program before and even thought about starting it a time or two, but I always chickened out. Well, after seeing these two get motivated, I decided it was time to give it a try.

The C25K is a 5K training program that you can find at coolrunning Before I go any farther, let me say that I am NOT a runner! I've always admired those people who run to de-stress and to "clear their head", I prefer to de-stress by watching Lifetime with a hand full of Oreos and a cold glass of milk! Even in school, I was always the one who finished the mile run at the back of the pack. (But hey, someone has got to be last!)

So about eight weeks ago I embarked on a 9 week journey to transform me from a (kinda) lazy and (somewhat) out of shape lady to someone who can run a 5K (That's 3.1 miles!)

Week 1 was great. Week 2 was okay. Then I fell off the wagon. I got sidetracked and missed a few days. Then, I started over and got to week 3. Week 3 kicked my booty so I went back to Week 2...bla, bla, get what I'm saying. It seemed like this one would go down in the book as something I never finished...

About two weeks ago, Teresa called to tell me about a 5K run at Disney's Animal Kingdom that just happened to be held during our family vacation in September. What?! That was the motivation that I needed! She signed us up and now I am (seriously) serious about finishing this program. Today I finished Week 3, which is farther than I have ever gone before! I'm expecting you all to hold me accountable...this is something I REALLY want to do!

I would still prefer to eat Oreos and watch Lifetime, but I'm starting to see the appeal of this running thing.

BTW, one of those "divas" who was only a week ahead of me when we first began is now getting ready to enter her 9th and FINAL week of training! Stacy E., I am SO proud of you!!! And Teresa, WE CAN DO THIS!!!


  1. oooooooh think we can squeeze in some oreos and lifetime this weekend? btw, we HAVE to pick out our two e's in a pod running outfits!!!

  2. ok leeanne, the other day on facebook when i saw you write something about C25K i was like, holy moly...she is running a 25K!! i was wondering bc i have never heard of one before, and am so glad to know that after i stalked your blog tonight that i now know what you mean. anyways, good luck! you are going to do great!!

  3. I am soooo proud of both of you and Stacy E. well shoot I am proud of our whole group....and missy you are a "Diva" too!!! I would not know what to do without y'all!!!!!