Wednesday, August 12, 2009

gentlemen, start your engines...

Earlier this week, Andrea called to order a cake for her husband's birthday. She was very laid back about what she wanted and named several things that he was interested in: power tools, boats, and Nascar. We decided to go with a Nascar theme. I'm not a huge Nascar fan so I had to do a little research. (My dad IS a huge fan, but growing up, Sunday races were just a perfect excuse for my mom and I to take a three hour nap!)
I immediately knew that I wanted to decorate the sides of the cake with the infamous racing checkerboard. I used black fondant and a mini-square fondant cutter. Yes, it took a LONG time, but it was perfect! I tossed around the idea of putting a model car on the top of the cake, but I couldn't decide on a specific car. Andrea said that her hubby didn't really have a favorite, but I know my fair share of Nascar fans and while they might not always have a favorite, they ALWAYS have drivers that they don't care for. (I couldn't imagine putting a Jeff Gordon car on a cake for my dad!) So, I played it safe and tried to mimic the Nascar logo in the design.
You'll have to excuse the poor photo...I can't ALWAYS have a professional photographer for my personal use! :)


  1. Ummmm yeah you can if you lived here! DUH! ;) I cracked up when I imagined you researching a NASCAR cake, it turned out so nicely though!!!

  2. All I can say is...girl, God has given you a talent!! Jeffery's cake was as much cute as it was good. Everyone loved it, especially the birthday boy. I could not believe how light the cake and icing was. Christy and Janice at Southern Style told me how good it was but I never thought a cake could be that good. It was so light I had to have several pieces to feel like I had eaten any. (That's my excuse anyway). The only regret I have is that I didn't go with a bigger size cake because it didn't take long before it was all gone. Again, thank you so much for making Jeffery's cake.
    P.S.: Thank you also for sending some icing to Christy at the beauty shop. It was hard keeping her fingers from taking a big swipe out of Jeffery's cake!!!!!!!