Thursday, August 27, 2009

happy birthday lana...

Tonight I was able to make a cake for my dear friend, and co-worker, Lana. Her girls gave me complete creative rights with this cake. I know for a FACT that Lana likes the pink and green combo and if you've been anywhere near her classroom this year, you know that the cute little frog was a perfect touch! I hope your birthday is wonderful, deserve're the BEST!

I was also very lucky to have good company when I made this cake. Usually, John Paul and the kids stay clear when I'm baking. Partly because they understand there'll be a lot less fighting and yelling if they do, but mainly because they really have ABSOLUTELY NO interest in what I'm doing. Tonight, Lexi joined me in the kitchen. She's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet! She's interested in baking and I'm more than happy to share any tips or techniques that I know...that's how I learned! I can't wait to see what she "cooks up" when she tries her hand at "cake art".
She also got along GREAT with my kids, which is always a plus...I think we may have found our back up babysitter. (Don't worry Miss Kristen, we could never replace you, but for some reason you went and got that "real" job like our $10 an hour wasn't cutting it or something!)

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