Monday, August 3, 2009


The best advice I can give anyone who is interested in any kind of fitness goal is this: GET A BUDDY! Last night after the kids went to bed, I did the final run for week 4 of my 9 week program (couch to 5K). I'm not gonna was HARD!!! All in all, it was a miserable run. I was seriously doubting myself and I thought that I might have to extend week 4 before moving on. The fact that there is a 20 minute run at the end of week 5 didn't help my outlook.
Today was a pretty busy was Collin's first day of preschool (I'll post pics later tonight.) so I took my mind off things by working in my classroom. (Thanks for your help, Laken.) To get back to the story, I was EXHAUSTED and looking forward to getting home and relaxing while I caught up on some DVR'd shows. I grabbed my phone and checked my Facebook page and what did I see? Little Miss Teresa had already finished Day 1 of Week 5!!! After I called her an ugly name...right out loud, I decided that I couldn't let her beat me. So, I laced up my running shoes, grabbed my ipod and hit the road! (Actually the treadmill, but whatev.)
It was definitely hard, but I cannot tell you how proud I am of myself every time I finish a run. I'm still dreading Day 3 (20 minute run) and I'm too exhausted to even get off the couch right now and eat dinner with JP and the kids (thanks for taking over tonight, babe), but I did it!!! If I didn't have my running buddy to push me along and keep me accountable, I'd be halfway through a back episode of Rachel Ray right now. I still plan to squeeze that in after the kids go to bed, but now I'll be able to enjoy it without guilt. Thanks, Teresa for the motivation...we're gonna rock that 5K!!!


  1. im jealous. i want a running buddy. of my friends here in jackson, the ones that run do half marathons and marathons, and i max out at 5 mile i don't like to "play" with them in that aspect. so, it is always little ole me by myself just a running, unless i am on treadmill in garage and louisa is getting into all kinds of stuff! :)

  2. I think that is so true.. I am only on week 1 and today is day 3, however if I did not have some of the girls at work with me to do it. I really dont think I would be doing it at all. I can so hope I can keep this up :)