Monday, August 24, 2009

weekend update...

If come to realize something: WEEKENDS ARE TOO SHORT!!! This one was super short and I did not want to wake up this morning and discover that it was Monday!
It was a very busy weekend...On Friday, we celebrated Laken's birthday and I actually got to have a piece of an emiecake. (cute paisley cake) (Bad for the diet, but oh, sooo good!) John Paul and Collin spent the night in Savannah so Emie and I had the house to ourselves. On Saturday morning, I got up with all intentions of getting a head start on the cake orders I had for the weekend. Instead, Emie and I snuggled up on the couch with our blankets and watched Elmo...and then we watched Elmo...and then Elmo...seriously, the girl had a fascination! That's all she wants to watch and she's just so darn cute, you can't tell her "no". (Especially when she brings you the TV remote and oh so sweetly says, "Eemo".) She can even (kind of) sing the theme song and it hasn't left my head in a week! I'm hoping she grows out of it before her next birthday...I've already made one Elmo cake (for Collin's 2nd BD) and I have my heart set on something cute and girly!
I finally did get a start on my cake orders and I did a REALLY cute polka dot cake for Annette and a dirt bike cake for Tami's son, Brent. I didn't get a picture of the polka dot cake, but I really hope that Annette's coworkers enjoyed it. Tami managed to get a quick picture of Brent's cake before the family dug into it so I hope to share that one with you soon. I did manage to get a pic of this cake: I used my mom's is SO much nicer than my little "point and shoot" and it makes the cake details look SO much better! I think I may have to borrow it more often.

In other news: I didn't run at all last week. I'm really glad I've been sharing my running news on my blog because a few of you have asked me how I'm doing and I feel accountable now! I didn't run last week because I somehow managed to hurt my ankles...yes, both of them! I don't exactly know what I did, but I do know that they were almost unbearable for a few days. Being the graceful creature that I am, I'm sure I just stepped on them funny or something. So, I convinced myself to take a week off to let them rest and heal. I'm glad that I did because they feel 100% better, but getting back on the wagon this week was ROUGH! Teresa and I convinced each other to repeat week 6. That would put us finishing the program one week before our 5K...makes sense to me! It's amazing how one idle week can mess up your routine. I pushed through it, though and I'm back on track! Wish me luck in the weeks ahead...7 through 9 seem brutal!

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